Sunday, 9 August 2009

Jumble sale!

Friday was such a busy day for me! I had two shifts in work, one starting at 7 and the other at 4.30, so after I got home from my first shift at 9, I had a cat nap and headed straight out to Liverpool.

I heard through the grape vine that a vintage boutique in Liverpool was having a massive clear out and by paying £10 you could fill a tote bag full of whatever you wanted from a selection! We had to wait for about an hour to get into the small room, but I was made up when I did! It probably wasn't to everyone's taste (a few girls walked down the stairs saying that it wasn't too good which worried me a lot) but for me it was a gold mine. Not only did I get a few nice dresses and skirts but whatever didn't fit (some had VERY tiny waistbands) I can use the fabrics for some pillows that I want for my new house in Manchester! I plan to fill my bed with them in all different shapes!

I'm going to continue with my sewing spree though, because some of the skirts are too nice to use for pillows so I am going to adjust the waists so that they fit!

I'll post some pictures soon of my finds and what I turn them in to!

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