Monday, 10 August 2009


I really have been on a roll this weekend! I continued my sewing spree by starting my pillow collection. I have a tonne of single bedding from student halls and a bunch of old scraps that I decided to make use of. I love beds with lots of mismatched pillows so I wanted to recreate the look for my student house!

DSCF2028 by you.

DSCF2029 by you.

I carried on with my new-found love of making button holes. I like the mismatched look that I've got here, shabby chic maybe? :-P

DSCF2027 by you.

And to finish off I added a rosette! It was really simple to make! My friend Liz went to indie tracks festival and met Eithne Farry the author of "Yeah! I made it myself" and she taught a rosette workshop. Liz passed on the details to me and VOILA! It also made me happy to use a button that I bought ageeeees ago too!

All you need to do if you want to make your own is cut 12 circles. I used two different kinds of fabrics for effect. Layer the first two and sew them together. Fold a further four fabrics in half and layer two next to each other and then the other two on top. With the remaining four circles fold them in to quarters and stitch them into place filling the circle.
Put a button in the middle and your done!

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