Saturday, 25 July 2009

The best of Manchester

Until I moved to the city, I've never really had much thought about what goes in with its culture, despite the fact that it's only 30 minutes away.
I read about the promotion of the Best of Manchester awards via Indie Quater and they talked about the spoof posters around the city. This however is the real deal....

The Best of Manchester Awards

Such a clever idea! I love the play on words and how it is laid out to read as one statement!

And first prize goes to....

PICT0274 by you.

When I went to London at the start of the year this was the store front at Mulberry. I think that it is lovely! I definitely want to use the photograph in a project or something. I've had a thing for rosettes for a while, ever since a textile graduate came to my sixth form college. I've never successfully made on (though I have a fairly decent idea for the future).

3502802552_c78fe11b78_o by you.

pruMq0iE by you.

How good are these?!?! I know that this is intended as art for a gallery space, but it seems like such a good idea for rosettes to be displayed on the wall!

Friday, 24 July 2009

I want to be.... under the sea

After looking at my friend Jens blog I came across these little crocheted gems....

Made from paper yarn.




You can find more pictures here. I really like the use of colour and the subject matter, I think that it would be an interesting topic to luck at! Thanks again Jen!

Cake anyone?

I thought that I would try something new with my knitting recently. I'd seen knitted cakes dotted around and gave them ago (using the simplest method that I could find cause I haven't figured out how to knit using double pointed needles). After a few were passed around I was asked to knit a play set for a young girl including sandwiches.

DSCF2013 by you.

DSCF2012 by you.

The cakes were made and decorated by hand as were the cucumber and tomato's, the bread and cheese was made using a knitting machine.
I'd really like to tackle more complicated things but there is so much stuff to do before I even think of it!


This carrot cake does look tasty though!
Once I've got knitting down....I think that it is about time for me to learn crochet. I love what other people produce. Crafty Anna has to be my favourite so far!

Play Food Crochet Pattern -- Ice Cream Parlor
Crochet Pattern -- April Showers Bring May Flowers

Play Food Crochet Pattern -- Baking Cookies Play Set

Play Food Crochet Pattern -- Just Desserts
(These have to be the tastiest little treats EVER)

New Brighton beach

Sometimes we never really appreciate the scenery that's around us.... Not so long ago I went to (one of the many) beach around sunset and took some photos....

DSCF2052 by you.

DSCF2076 by you.

DSCF2078 by you.

DSCF2082 by you.

DSCF2095 by you.

DSCF2096 by you.

DSCF2098 by you.

Hopefully I can use them in my drawing project, there's something really cute about light houses... I think I might use them for a base for a project!!!!

Monday, 20 July 2009

It's written on the wall

Looking at other peoples notice boards or bedrooms really interests me. I really like to display things around my room so its exciting to see how others have done it and its a good way to source ideas! I'm gonna miss my university flat because it had a giant note board which was full by the end of the first day, I regret not taking a picture before I moved out!

deskblog by you.

3595769708_fa818a8881_o.jpg by you.
I think that this could be an ideal room for me - I love the way that the books and magazines are displayed right next to the bed and fitted to the shape of the wall. Also - how good is the bed spread?!

3163055335_b3da32ecec_o.jpg by you.

2925011524_627b1c3a76_b.jpg by you.
The pegs are such a cute touch!

2842826292_5aedc40637_b.jpg by you.

3573731068_be42518963_o.jpg by you.

P11603812.JPG by you.
If anyone has seen this image before could they let me know where from because I cannot remember for the life of me!!!!
It's so adorable though, I would love to have a space like this - book and tea pot included please!

3623030361_15db0e3e6e.jpg by you.

3670386006_76fc998cfa_o.jpg by you.

353208697_1475b102c0_o.jpg by you.

(most of these pictures are sourced from - go check it out!)

Top Ten

As an introduction I thought I would make a list... which is something that I seem to do compulsory. So these are some of the things that I like... today at least.

1. Textiles - It will probably become obvious soon, but I am textile student. I'd hate to be doing anything else!
2. Knitting - I love knitting. I definitely want to get better though either by hand or on the machine.
3. Magazines - It's a bit of an addiction. And it always seems to be the obscure and expensive ones.
4. Flora - I'm a little bit obsessed with flowers, I'm always drawn to them whether it's interiors, fashion or my own design work!
5. Birds - Probably one of my biggest fears but also one of my loves. I react them same to them as flowers!
6. Canal boats - When I see them around where I live it just makes me smile.
7. Music - I always feel happy listening to music and it always helps my mood. The list would be too long to post!
8. Literature - I must confess that I haven't been reading as much as I should, I always seem to find something else to do, but I always enjoy a good book!
9. Drawing - I really enjoy drawing and its something that really relaxes me, but I hate it when it's forced.
10. Having a cup of tea... especially in my favourite spots!