Monday, 31 August 2009

At the end of the rainbow....

I am such a rubbish little blogger! But I have been on my holidays, well by holidays I mean two weekends away in Wales....
The first weekend I spent at the Greenman Festival. It was amazing! It is hard to describe so I recommend that you have a look around the website!
We arrived and left in the rain, but the weather was lovely in between, actually the rain cleared not long after we arrived and left behind a rainbow, which stretched to both sides of the valley, it was beautiful.

The bands were all amazing and so nice to watch, it was really relaxed. If anyone wants to know, I'd happily tell you who I saw they're all well worth a listen!
I was upset about Animal Collective though, but oh well we can't win them all. My friend enjoyed them a lot so that's a good thing at least!

I was also excited about being able to knit at the festival! Any excuse I suppose! I learned how to basket knit so it wasn't a wasted experience!
The festival took place at the Brecon Beacons which is such a lovely location, and the organisers paid so much attention to detail with lot's of bunting, creatures in the trees and a giant inflatable elephant!

I could happily post about it all day and talk about the acts that I saw, but I don't wanna be a bore!
Next year is a must!

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