Sunday, 2 August 2009

Because I'm so happy

I first came across Rob Ryan when I was in art college, he was featured in a craft book that I bought called "making stuff" (by far my favourite craft book ever!). He designed the prettiest paper necklace.

Like with most of my favourite things, I really like the romance behind his work - often when I see his pieces I think that it would be good to give him a hug and tell him that things are ok (though I like to think that he is actually REALLY happy) :-)

Since I Have Been Alone Time Goes By So Slow

You Were in My Head

Read Rob's blog or go buy his stuff !
I really really really recommend his book "This is for you" it is absolutely amazing!


I'm a big fan of paper cut outs. I'd love to know how it's done, I worry that I don't have a steady enough hand to make my own.
I wish I had a decent photograph of one of the graduating textile students work from the Manchester Metropolitan University degree show. She created what she called interactive wallpaper which had lights behind. It was really something special.
I must get a picture to share!

ooooh I must get together some similar images that I have sourced over the months!

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