Monday, 20 July 2009

It's written on the wall

Looking at other peoples notice boards or bedrooms really interests me. I really like to display things around my room so its exciting to see how others have done it and its a good way to source ideas! I'm gonna miss my university flat because it had a giant note board which was full by the end of the first day, I regret not taking a picture before I moved out!

deskblog by you.

3595769708_fa818a8881_o.jpg by you.
I think that this could be an ideal room for me - I love the way that the books and magazines are displayed right next to the bed and fitted to the shape of the wall. Also - how good is the bed spread?!

3163055335_b3da32ecec_o.jpg by you.

2925011524_627b1c3a76_b.jpg by you.
The pegs are such a cute touch!

2842826292_5aedc40637_b.jpg by you.

3573731068_be42518963_o.jpg by you.

P11603812.JPG by you.
If anyone has seen this image before could they let me know where from because I cannot remember for the life of me!!!!
It's so adorable though, I would love to have a space like this - book and tea pot included please!

3623030361_15db0e3e6e.jpg by you.

3670386006_76fc998cfa_o.jpg by you.

353208697_1475b102c0_o.jpg by you.

(most of these pictures are sourced from - go check it out!)

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